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Default Re: What went wrong wit yr last relationship?

Lmao! Aye its mental. Check this, a street up ma bit...

local shop, behind this is church...

and opposite is this street...

If you notice the bins, lamposts, cable boxes etc are either green or black, its coz when the council put up blue 1s they get blown up lol. The lamposts are aw burned and shit still. In this street, come old firm time if you see a hun man, hes either on sumtin or tryna commit suicide, the church area is a no go for em, pure catholic territory. Last hun we heard who came up here got his heed blown off by a shotgun fae some 11 year old hahaha. Cunts in america n that who hink the white slums are geeky n shit are in for a fright if they ever come up here. But here, if you walked up here as a stranger wit celtic / ireland shit on, even if we never saw u b4, you get welcomed like family, its crazy. And Drumchapel is the hun version of our kinda places, thats the exact same shit. Bad hing is, celtic parks station is in hun territory and passed all them places. The government are to blame for the deaths at old firm games coz all they needa do is re-route some tracks for celtic park know wit I mean? Orange fuckers.

Anyhow, we best stop rapin graveys thread wit bigotry hahaha. Peace.

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