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Movers & Shakers 5/5- I really like the way be brought it right in. This is perfect tempo.

9th Chamber 5/5- A real good cast of people right here, doesnít drag on forever, short tight verses

Uncontrolled Substance 4/5- Beat drags a little bit, but Deckís flow keeps it nice, the hook is short and sweet.

Femme Fatale 4/5- The only thing keeping this from being a 5 is that theres no Ghost verse.

The Grand Prix 4/5- This is one of my favorite 4th beats. Streetlife brings his A-Game as well. U-God is alright on this.

Forget Me Not 3/5- Deckís flow is on point, not feeling the hook, and the beat is pretty average.

Longevity 4/5- cool track, wish this could have had atleast another general on it. GZA would be my choice.

Word On The Street 3/5- a little too long, cool little story telling jam.

Elevation 5/5- This right here is Deck at his best.

Loviní You 4/5- LA isnít on the same level as INS, itís very clear in this song. Another one that could have been borderline classic with a general.

Trouble Man 3/5- Not feeling this beat. High hat really irritates me and takes away from the flow.

REC Room 5/5- Neck breaker, The Rebelís sword is sharp on this one.

Friction 5/5- Classic RZA Wu-Tang shit right here.

Hyperdermix 5/5- Really feeling this beat. Very dark and eerie. Love when INS samples in Ghost.

Show and Prove 4/5- Banger, Deck is VERY on point right here. Beat isnít anything special but i kind of like it because it doesnít take away from what INS is speaking.

The Cause 3/5- I really wish The Rebelís verses could have come with a better hook. Beat is nothing special AT ALL, Streetlifeís verse left me hungry.


My opinion of this album has officially changed after a further listen. Itís definitely going into full rotation.
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