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Originally Posted by UncontrolledSubstans View Post
"Loviní You 4/5- LA isnít on the same level as INS, itís very clear in this song."

Nah LA made a great effort on that track. One of hes best verses in my opinion.

"Soft as a mattress, said she was catholic
Physically attractive, earth-toned skin
Thick but thin, looked like she just came off an island"

Sure not as good as Deck but really, i cannot think of one rapper that could have kept up with Deck on that track. One of his best efforts.

Still loving this album, one of the best albums off all time in my opinion. Personal classic. And The Cause is a fucking classic. Deck and Streetlife rips it to shreds.
I agree 100%.For me the best track " The Grand Prix".
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