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Default Re: Thoughts on the Confederate flag?

Ev'ry state got there own flag,I know about the south especially the heart of dixie,for the ones who stay in the states,That shit was to spook the ones who didn't want ta get it right,refer'n to my black folkz,I know plenty of history especially when dem folkz over seas was at each other necks fo' zhit they didn't even think was wrong,they peepz in england got history too,they been doing zhit fo years,so as the folkz in da south,
All i'm say'n though the flag was meant for representation of the whole got dam south but look trouble don't last alwayz,the north won but even still muthafukaz in da north far as the immigrants thought they had it made even till this day they families think they got it made,but you got ta look at it,The man who owns this country let them do know more than what he'll let'em,so for any group over here think'n it'z all good,zhid all walks of life have been through sumthin one way or another PEACE
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