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Prophet Picasso crouching tiger

Where Picasso been?
I heard he living shife again, a life of sin got him right back inside the pen/
fightin men wit whitened skin inside the lion's den where you find him in/
Where Picasso been?
I heard he gettin high wit friends inside his den, but he won't invite us in/
they smokin stank, sippin purple drank, I thank it's mixed wit Sprite and gin/
Where Picasso been?
I heard he fightin Leviathans wit iron fins in holy waters where giants swim/
scientists signed him in for assignment but tried to siphon then silence him/
Where Picasso been?
I heard he hittin the iron and dietin', on his vitamins, potassium and niacin/
gettin fire chin from a chocolate chick while a dime wit lighter skin is ironin'/
Where Picasso been?
Holdin pens in hope of openin a road to spend forever wit his closest friends/
closin in on a podium wit a open grin while bulbs flash and lenses is focusin/
Where Picasso been?
I heard he rollin stogies wit his homies, drinkin forties, watchin Maury or Nickelodeon/
he's only in the dope spot, throwin opiates to the broken and the loneliest/
Where Picasso been?
goin in wit his boldest kin, a clique of Hussein Saddams and Bonaparte Napoleons/
whose motives is: get the scratch, after that it's all irrelevant or erroneous/
Where Picasso been?
makin music like Paul Robeson, moments frozen in time, rhymin since the fallopian/
Where Picasso been? Where Picasso belong: hanging in the Smithsonian....
Image is everything except the truth.
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