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Default the linc' or the lynch [choose]

...taking it back to the days when republicans was abolitionists
and democrats gave niggas they ass to kiss
that’s way back in time, to examine where was I
a sleeper cell thru deeper realms, the He’ll was I
you had to choose, the linc’ or the lynch...had you shown
you not worthy of shit, no salad tossed, just asses blown
to ashes blown, neverlasting, boxed and toe-tagged and
then more relentless, how the souls rashed and more defenseless
...yeh, obama just gave a speech at masterman school
so am I here to master man? cool, slave to my rules
yo, know who you talking to, how is you on my trail
the game is playing u.s. out, how you posting my bail
I’m behind bars of metaphores that metamorph’
onto y’alls...I wants mines, I’m onto y’alls...
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