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Default Re: game's 300 bars (first 100)

Originally Posted by Basic Instructor
The only other time i've heard 300 bars is from Canibus...all of 50's bars will contain how he runs NY, how his hood is grimey and howhe has chips and hoes, then he'll mention G-Unit a few times for filler....I was skeptical on Game...but these 300 bars are extremely well done, especially in an industry thats become so commercial that even freestyles sound like they were constructed...this is pure raw lyrical strength which 50 doesnt have...hes just got a flow and alotta dough
have you heard the GAME's album..........dude has like a 2 cent flow over million dollar beats! The beats are dope but he cant rap for shit over them

GAME spends his whole album name dropping other rappers and dick ridding NWA.......GAME's two biggust singles were hits, because 50 CENT made them hits (50's verse was better on both songs). Furthermore, 50 CENT "wrote" like 6 songs on GAME's album........what kind of rapper gets a dude to write six songs on there album.....a weak ass rapper

G UNIT is weak lyrcally and the GAME is probably the weakest rapper in the crew........if GAME got 50 to write like 6 songs on documentary, who is to say that somebody did not write 300 BARS n RUNNING?

GAME and "raw lyrical strength" do not go together
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