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Default Re: Inspectah Deck - Uncontrolled Substance


I had thought that Deck would have one of the best albums (being one of the best clansman). I remember 1999 like it was yesterday. Rap was on life support and this album was supposed to be what I rocked that year. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way as this album is not a classic to me.

Deck's voice is a musical instrument so it wouldn't take much production for me to greet this album with golden arms. But a lot of the beats are simply lackluster (some of which Deck did himself). Deck has some real skills as a producer but they aren't especially evident on his own album. Too bad. The album is too stretched out and is broken up by mediocre songs that interupt the listen. With a lanky 17 tracks, it is just stretched out too far. Frankly i'm bored at the end.

This is not to say that the album is not bad. Actually it's pretty good. With expectations through the roof I call it a disappointment. But its a good thing to have disappointments as good as Uncontrolled Substance. There was never any doubt that Deck had what it took to command a solo album. He is not a swordsman that depends on guest appearances. U-God is on two tracks but the beats are so bland that I skip them. And this is coming from a huge Deck fan who desperately tried to like this album.

I would have prefered Deck put on The Settlement and Nightshift on the album but oh well.

In the end I blame this album for not being as good as it should have been on the RZA. This was when RZA did the first 6 clansmen's albums but left the other three to fend for themselves. Deck was the first of those three. In Deck's case I didn't mind as much because he is a producer in his own right. RZA did bless Deck with two fantastic tracks on this album but in the end the album needed tighter beats. The album had the right guys on production if RZA was not going to be the main man. 4th Disciple, True Master and Mathematics all chip in. Pete Rock even gave Deck a helping hand. Just not their best work. Maybe I would really love it if it were Streetlife's album, or a Cap or Sunz of Man album. But for Deck the expectations are raised to the highest level. Fair or not, it is what it is.

Now for the upside: This album spawned several classics like "Movas and Shakers", "Word on the Street" , "Friction" and of coarse the classic "REC Room". REC Room was the first song I heard on the radio for this album and I was so siked. The title track "Uncontrolled Substance" is a strong song too but I can't help but wish Masta Killa or GZA gave a verse in there. That's the only time that I thought Deck could have used some help. Anyway, the biggest upside on this album is DECK himself. What a gift he is to the ears. Truely. He makes anything he is on better just by opening his mouth.

It was the first album that the clan did that I didn't think was GREAT. 8/10 was a big step down at the time. All these years later, 8/10 looks pretty good about now.

shoutout to Deck

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