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Prophet Picasso crouching tiger

Picasso the pub patron, dubbed Prophet the Patriot Patriarch/
got a bottom bitch wit a switch, I call her my favorite matriarch/
matrix architect, agents project poison darts at the art I protect/
the Ark I protect from blackhearted men that the darkness infects/
scarf on my neck, I'm as fly as the insects your carcass collects/
I'll bang rain in ya veins and ingrain my name in every part of ya flesh/
I'm sparkin the techs in the arch of ya neck as you're parkin ya Lex/
more moolah-minded than most, so multiple mulattos stay stalkin for sex/
callin my nextel, hopin to exhale, but I don't need all of that stress/
don't get all in a mess, but I confess yo bitch look raw in that dress/
no bra on them breasts, I just sent her a message, and I ain't talkin a text/
all that I said was I'm Usain Bolt, and would she mind if I joined her/
I'm a hunnit meters from a million, and all I need is a Jackie Joyner/
a stick-up chick performer, hittin licks for the bricks and the coinage/
test it, in and out in eight seconds, it's a world record performance/
we robbin politicians and lawyers in Porsches or emporium foyers/
I got a gorgeous Delores, she's Foxy Brown and I'm Chuck Norris/
you pay on a mortgage, I got blunts torched front porch at my fortress/
you suspect ya chick is whorish, thru her cordless phone you forage/ Prophet's droppin atomic bombs onto Fantasy Islands/
hear the sonic boom then the mushroom cloud, now cue the violins/
you ain't wildin, I can hear your fear due to violence thru the sirens/
if apprehended then send a kite and you better stay true to silence/
that rule is timeless, whenever, whether black skies or bluest climates/
now Jakob is the new Timex and a Blackberry is the new papyrus/
check ya back-log, the black plague is caged inside a computer virus/
that infects thru the iris, violence by guys fightin over whos the flyest/
not realizin that kis might open doors but bricks open windows/
regardless I'm blowin indo, flippin dimes and nicks out my open window/
don't come thru here if you don't know the info, that code is simple/
since beats on the lunch table we been thug angels, though most is sinful...
Image is everything except the truth.
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