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Default Re: Things you were dead wrong for laughing at...

Aiight little brother was downstairs and my mom was yelling at him and he wasnt listening, being a little brat. So i went upstairs and hid in the shower, so when he went upstairs to go the bathroom, as soon as he went in he was still yelling at my mom, and he slammed the door without even turning on the lightswitch. So as soon as he turned it on, i busted out of the bathtub (the curtain was closed so he had no idea i was in there) and he just started crying. He didnt even scream or anything, he just started crying. Oh man i was laughing for hours.

Oh snaps......well i wasnt dead wrong for laughing at that, i jus felt like saying it cuz it was funny as hell at the time.

"I gotcha back, but you best watch your front,
cuz its the niggaz who front that be pullin stuntz."
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