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Default Re: Big L batteled RZA

Originally Posted by Luminal
I love RZA, but like alot of you said, L would kill him on a BATTLE. Now GZA going against Big L, that would of bein some shit right there.
I read in an interview GZA said he doesn't really like freestyle, and he prefers written lyrics, but I've heard the freestyle with Masta Killa on the Wu-Tang Collective and that was ill.

Originally Posted by the silencer
Rza can still spit some crazy battle shit actually....Big L is crazy dont get me wrong.....but dont sleep on Rza....check out Lab Drunk on In Stereo...that aint "knowledge" rap....
"MCing to me is easier than breathing,
and making beats to me is easier than being" - love that line. great track.

Anyone hear that freestyle RZA did with Rahzel beatboxing? It was cool and all, but RZA messed up a few lines, didn't strike me as a great freestyle.
On Bob N' I from BOAP, RZA says "that's what you call a B-boy freestyle mutha fuckers." If it was a b-boy freestyle then that's ill, but it sounded sorta to perfect to be a freestyle.
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