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Originally Posted by D-Infinite View Post
This album proves:

- Solomons Child, Shyheim, Lord Superb are still the best affiliate solo artists

- Killarmy & 4th Disciple together = excellent

- Warcloud doesn't need Black Knights, but Black Knights need him...oh, & North Star need all. Christbearer & Meko can't hold up a whole track together, their voices are terrible.

- Timbo King brings it on a consistent basis yet is consistently underrated. Needs to get Royal Fam together for a Killa Bee album, with Y-Kim Tha Ill Figure on the beat!

- Two On The Road are a good group. I like them. But, that track is garbage.

- Needs more Sunz Of Man, The Wisemen & Brooklyn Zu. And less singalong tracks. Bar Mitzah WTF.

- CCF suck. Shacronz & Freemurda are wack.

I've always wanted to see something on a Killa Beez album along the lines of:

1. Royal Fam track (Timbo King, Sharecka, Armel, Mikey Jarrett, Dreddy Kruger?) produced by Y-Kim Tha Illfigure.

2. Black Knights Of The North Star track (Crisis, Monk, Holocaust, Christbearer, Meko and a refurbished Doc Doom verse) produced by Bobby Digital.

3. Sunz Of Man track (Killah Priest, Prodigal Sunn, Hell Razah, 60 Second Assassin) produced by Truemaster.

4. Cilvaringz solo track produced by himself or Barracudda.

5. The Wisemen track (Bronze Nazareth, Kevlaar 7, Phillie, Salute) produced by Bronze Nazareth.

6. Da Maccabeez track (Timbo King, Hell Razah, Killah Priest) produced by Allah Mathamatics.

7. Brooklyn Zu track (Shorty Shit Stain, Zookeeper, Murdock, Buddha Monk, 12 O'Clock) produced by Buddha Monk.

8. The Cra-Z 88z track (Armel & Sharecka, Two On Da Road, Chi King, NLZ) produced by NLZ.

Suga Bang Bang, Warcloud, Cappadonna, Streetlife, Chi King, Shabazz The Disciple, Lord Superb, Shyheim, Solomons Child & LA The Darkman could all push for tracks too. Maybe a Two On Da Road track as well.
pretty much agree on eveything, except i love North Star, love their flows and their voices!! unusual but DOPE to my ears. If only their album couldve been produced only by Mathematics, Van Helden and whoever did Simply Ludicrous, it wouldve been absolutely brilliant instead of just having six amazing standout tracks and eight fucked-up beats...

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