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Default Re: anybody up for mcdonalds

McDonalds use fertile land in the 3rd world to grow cash crops.

basically, when you see all those starving kids in africa on tv, it ain't cause there's no fertile land to grow food for them.
it's cause McDonalds and other multinational companies own all the fertile land in the region (cause it's cheap), to grow maize for french fries for westerners.
resulting in there being nowhere for natives of the country to grow food to feed their families.
so it ain't shit to do with being vegetarian or caring for animals.
it's about starving children who don't eat because McDonalds and other companies own all the fertile land in their countries.
most folk don't know this, but if you still think it's ok to eat McDonalds once you do know this, then you are a cunt.
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