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Originally Posted by theheavens View Post
Around midnight, I ignite
Pistol-whip your wife
Slap the Hebrew out of Jesus Christ
Endorse the Chinese Water Torture device
Force you to recite the Koran out of spite

I don't give a damn about your intuition
You belong in the Colosseum with the early Christians
I'll drink the period blood of a Jehovah's Witness;
Strangle your bitch with her Fallopian tubes, listen

Inside your infant's room, creeping
I saw your baby boy, sleeping
My hands around his neck, weeping
Won't let go until I hear a death rattle for safekeeping;
As for your next of kin
I'll suffocate the fucker with my foreskin
not bad, a little shaky start but decent enough to continue

Originally Posted by theheavens View Post
Attack me with your fists, I insist
I'll break every bone in your wrist
Promise you'll become an amputee
If you even contemplate making a fist
Drown your baby at its Baptism for kicks

I'll send you a Hallmark card as a goodbye:
"Dear Dusk, I hope someone you love dies"
now this is where it gets interesting, I like the whole "contemplate making a fist" part. probably the best part of the whole verse, good enough to garner attention.

Originally Posted by Dusk View Post
i guess i should thank the heavens that we got another battle here
literally, while im spittin missles at the stratosphere
smashin peers, the mics by my heart like a lavalier
fashion spears out of rapper spines and apache tears
choosin to drop an impersonal verse was an act of fear
knowing im that revered at swfitly ending suckas rap careers
i hope ya face is good at catching shears, scissor kick
motherfuckers, then i twitch and brick on their sisters tits
sick isnt it, must be blasphemous
i break ya legs, lift the crutch u had to get and whip ya musty ass with it
short verse but hazardous, quality over quantity
yet the corp aint wantin me like the nazi's sponsored me
hittin jukebox's thats the fonzy part of me
and if heaven's song ever comes on then im jumpin sharks to flee
nothin personal dude, just an exercize
im god, as if anyone around Dusk would ever die..haha.....
Dusk's verse right here is a bit more accomplished writing, not too many syllables per line. Kinda evident he held back a little, que no? Yeah, best line was the Fonzy one.

Dusk had more quality control of his short verse. But I could tell that theheavens sorta stopped himself, as he'd could've easily go for about another long verse more if he wanted to.

Dusk gets my vote

theheavens don't feel too bad

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