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Originally Posted by Os3y3ris
Its so funny when Wu Tang fans call dead prez racist. Shows they don't have a clue what either group is saying.
i didnt call them racist.. i said they sound like it. i dont listen to enuff of their music or know enuff about them to call them racist. but when i listen to a track and hear cracker this and cracker that its gets old.. as well as nigga this and nigga that. i personally have had nothing to do with, will never ever have anything to do with... opressing people, slavery, racsism, etc... all the same bullshit i hear over and over again. its always what the white mans doing.. this and that. he holding me down and i cant live... that is a sellout piss poor excuse!! i aint rich.. i didnt come from a well off background.. i had it just as hard as the next... and everything i have i didnt get from bitching and complaining about. always making excuses and blaming the white man!! wtf is that... sure its good to speak out and be proactive, but when i hear someone call me a cracker just cause im white... its bullshit. and thats what i hear when deadpres rap... callin every white dude a cracker and blaming me for shit that happen before i was born.

fuck that...

and to all yall who think your so fuckin intelligent cause you read a fuckin book on somethin... please!!! wtf are you doin really!!!!

and for what i quoted... i have a clue. if i didnt.. i wouldnt have said anything.

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