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Default post 1965

lemme see...seems like Iím going off on a tangent
and scatter-brained, but Iím on-focus like cameras
itís not a thing, sunny, you right, the subject was shifted
but Iím just defending my slot, and sum was not listening
1965, the bul malcom little
was shot down to a puddle that poured out from in him
I was around then, I donít know what I knew
...but what I know now is how you choose the path you choose
I had to work with this dude in 2003
and 2004, the chump ainít stop irking me
2005, the nigga mouth need be circumsized
2006, that was it, he can suck my d!ck
2010, he found I i.d.íed him as Cain,
and now he wannaí be my [Christ] friend? simon peteí is a lame
you only hear this type of s#@t if it come from me
see, Iím the founder of a nation, so I post my fee...
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