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Originally Posted by ChristO View Post
if I was shot to death on Friday, the 13th and shit
I seen who did it? are my killers now deep in shit?
gods showed and proved same year I was born again
in my mind yelling “I’m a’ live forever!” so, it’s on again?
I’m thinkin’ why the-fuck I’m still here if noone can see me
gotta’ have patience? shiii, tell that to my nerves, fricassee’ing
done put up with some stupid-asses putting they souls up
for they assets, actin’ like I ain’t shit and I don’t have sense
so, azrael said president nixon had me murdered?
I’m still investigatin’ shit, yeh, system did me dirty
I know, shoulda’ seen how they chose I hung to have me buried
shiii, I still went to work, after 33 murders
they got me in they files as a patriot who fought in their war [korea]
u.s. will return the favor, ‘cause I’ll turn this playground into a graveyard
shiii, believe it or not, I’m Allah, therefor I am God
I ask u.s. tho’, why am I still in-the-flesh? naw, I ain’t gone... know I'm talking about The Father's return on this piece, eh...
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