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You know as of right now I feel it's no longer a black/white issue, I think it's a green issue. Cause I don't care how racist a white person is, they'll give a rich nigga a chance as long as he's got money. They might complain a little about the way he talks, or the way he's dressed, but it won't be one of those escort you off the premesis situations until he goes broke. Now there are a lot of racist folks out there that don't care how rich or poor you are, you won't be right in their book because you're not like them, but those folks are far and few in between nowadays. I'd like to think that this generation is a lot more open minded to race than are parents and grandparents generation was and with that a lot more understanding of the situation. I see more young blacks trippin on the subject then young whites. it's only really the older whites you see that have a problem with blacks cause that's how they came up and vice versa. Now I'm sure we've all experienced racism of some sort. I've experienced it on both sides. Either it be whites just not associating with me cause of my skin color or blacks that call me a sell out cause i speak proper english. But all in all I'm not trippin on any of it cause there're wolves on both sides that'll do whatever they feel the need to do in order to get by. So i'ma get mine weather or not you want me to have it cause that's just my style and this is the country to do it in.

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