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Default Re: Thoughts on the Confederate flag?

I've never understood the flag, doesn't make any sense to me as to why southerners hold on to it so hard. I've never seen a worse bunch of sore losers in my life. All in all though it's who you are dealing with and what the flag means to them. Does that mean that I accept it? No, cause almost all i've ever seen are negative thinkers who use it to represent their hate and I don't condone that. But at the same time there are the few who actually rep it cause that's how they grew up and don't have any suor feelings towards any race. And there are those who don't know anything about it at all. I have some friends who moved here to FL from Detroit that had no idea what the flag was until my friend and I told them. They bought it cause they thought it was a cool design. They don't teach that shit up there, hell I didn't even know what the flag was until I moved here from Texas, they didn't teach that shit in that part either. But if it wasn't for the fact that I met them before I knew they had that flag I probably wouldn't have even associated myself with them, so in fact I was being just as close minded as most of the folks out there who do rep it. All I can say is be openminded but at the same time cautious.
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