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You see man, in my eye it's not the same. I came up in a family of strong black men. My father being the main one telling me the same things you're saying, "Don't let the white man dictate your life, they all wanna see us fall." But he holds a very good job working along side these whites, owns houses and cars and whatnot. My uncles are all doing the same, so I know for a fact that you can make it regardless if if the white man wants you too or not cause they came up just like a lot of black kids did, 5 kids 1 parent working 2-3 jobs to survive and they hardly had anything to show for it. But they're all set now. How come they did it and others can't? what makes them special? Did whitey just make my family the exception? Or is it just the fact that they didn't let anyone stop them from getting what they wanted.
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