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From Levi's to Louis V is a long leap, my street ties got me movin D all week/
my weed price for two or threes called cheap, got three times the loot I seen in aught three/
I keep ties like dudes who be on wall street, if I need pies I'm to the E to call Creep/
since I was knee high I been crackin the concrete, sellin sacks, packin a small heat/
I keep mines under my broad's seat, and you should see the hawk that my broad keep/
if I get caught deep in the Caprice with Bronze Feet, I won't let the laws speak/
just call me a lawyer, by two or three we gon be off free, spittin some raw meat/
you marks don't wanna spark beef, I'll put you on broad street with no car keys/
to come against me is a tall feat, I'm the king of my zone and my throne is a tall seat/
I'm a prodigy, I dare you to try to mob deep, I'm a royal sheikh, my shawl's sleek/
my tongue pierces clean, my teeth saw deep, ya flawed fleet is small sheep that's all geeked/
what do yall seek? battle rappin off beat, every rap is all sweet, this twelve here is just a small treat...
Image is everything except the truth.
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