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My words give life to gangstas like a racist judge/
my life's in danger like a ranger, mayn, I'm slangin drugs/
if they gave me life in chambers then my face won't budge/
I'ma do the time in anger no matter who's case it was/
what if Jesus was here, sittin somewhere behind the walls/
cuz Judas signed a statement and didn't do no time at all/
what if Peter was pimpin and got shot behind a broad/
when James heard the glocks pop he was hid behind a car/
and the fact is John the Baptist was murdered by a fascist/
Lot's wife longed for long life carved on a cursed campus/
no lie, now she lives at the shelter on a dirty mattress/
Mary's ass was assassinated and replaced by a actress/
surely laughless, pushin thirty, she's prematurely hapless/
securely fractious, if you heard me you've seen the blurry blackness/
travel the surly atlas til the world crashes off it's pearly axis/
Picasso paints pictures on a thirsty canvass, this here is purely practice...
Image is everything except the truth.
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