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Default Re: My mind wont sleep

Nothing is real ! you are traped in the 3rd dimensions freequency response !
We are just like computers in a way "
our eyes are like film an our brain is the tape" but we can only process info so fast! so our brain is like the editor who puts scenes togeather an we call it memory .

i think God allah is in you and the devil is in you ! Ya just gotta find balence in life "
i think u will enjoy this if u have not seen it ?
kinda might help you Dig why" you rap words an make Noize with a Keyboard

This program was awsome i thought it made music look Godly
and make you see that nothin is really solid an time is just our own illusion .
i would say it is stupid not to think there is other life out there in the billions of other galexies .
If u want Proof i got tons of stuff to help convince you hit me up at
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