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Default Re: My mind wont sleep

Originally Posted by Koolish
yo, denying sleep is messed up. your body needs rest, here's a little example: it's been tested and proven that students who studied and rested before an exam, performed much better than those who had inadequate rest.

your not going to become any higher than you ever will be by denying your body what it needs. that's like saying "i'm not going to breath, i'd rather keep my lungs pure and away from the filth of the air".
actually i sleep the between 3-6 hours a night which is perfectly healthy, i'm physically fit, have a firm schuedule and have control of my body, medical guidelines are just there for most people, besides you people need to learn your techniques onpower sleeping and gainning rem alot quicker and for longer

as for studying i also think alot more of the reasons is the way people organise their revision and notes, if you document everything perfectly studying is easy

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