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I never fall short, always war more, you wanna call it off ?
Veteran return with better verse which you cant learn, thats a definite...
rate it excellent, while yours bores like methodist, this is a raw sport..
-Indefinite- , Im tall, you short, I finesse with blessed spits, filling face crevices
My style is MINT like turn, yours been burned like evidence...
like an outfielder.. you can be catching it..aint a compliement, just some hostileness..
Ive changed over the years, its obvious, by Yeshua, halleluyah, no longer bottled in..!
He choose ya..ya dont pick him..Old Testament, common sense..! WuCorp my Regiment..
oFF Hiatus, rememberin', each letter sent, forum form weapons against terrorists...
disable the hateful to excellence..avoid fatal errorness, so I can enable the FAITHFUL

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Last Word Cypha /

Now AtotheC

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