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Default Re: Things you were dead wrong for laughing at...

2 seperate time with the same kid named Jackson in middle school, he was Vietnemese and Korean..

well first time, was when he first came to the school, a new kid in the middle of the year, and everybody made fun of him because he was the only oriental...and i over hear him talkin to the counsoler one day in his office, and he said, exact words " thos fuckers, ima get my samurai sword and chop all their heads off! " and i busted out laughing, and the receptionists n stuff and the kids in the office looked at me while i was walkin wtf is wrong with him, it was embarrasing when i cant control your laughs at school, but it was funny as helll

second time, his Dad happens to own a Vietnamese And Korean "Cafe" which is relly jsut a lil resturant, down a few blocks from me, and we was in class, and their kinda new to the country but spoke english ok, and in my old middle school, it wasnt built like a block had no joke...there was the necter of the school was small, the extending in 5 directions from the middle are wings...well so each classroom has a window, and hes dad runs up to the calss we're in with a HUGE thing of Beef Fried Rice, knocking on the windows and screaming " Jackson! Jackson!" then sometiems twice in one word "JacksonJackson" lol and they have some pretty hard core accents, so that sounded funny as fuck!, and everyone started to laughin, but the dad didnt know u had to sign into the office, he just ran up to the school windows and started screamin with Beef Fried Rice, but he brought it for lunch time for Jackson, and it was cool cause at luch, he shared the huge thing with everyone, and i got me a big ol' place of some rice.....he was fuckin cool

well there was this time with my best friend Beau, when iw as like 10-12 years old, we hung out almost everyday for 2 years, and well he had a girl friend named Terra, and he loved her deeply, like buying gold chanisn for her ns hit, and one day he wanted me to meet her, and i met her, and she left him for me that day, LOL it was funny, Beau kinda got hurt of course...but we were still friends sence i was in 4th Grade and he was in 5th, but damn that shti was funny, i laughed..i was like "what? hahahahahha" but yeh then for liek 2 weeks EVERYDAY me Beau and a grip of kids went to her house, she had a nice mutha fuckin house too, and we would liek just hang uout whatch TV, raid the fridge and jump on her trampoline, and i only kissed her once, but fuck it, it was fun....

another time was in Kindergarten, we ahd this mentaly diabled kid, i dun want to call him retarded because i saw him everyday all through elementry cept 5th grade, so i was use to him, but my first year in school with him, he cant talk nor barley walk, he drools n everything, but later that year, his body was fianlly able to make himself walk, he was born with a weak spinal cord, but it also had somthing to do with his brain, so anyways, he was in classm, just ahvinga free playtime or whatever and hes walkin find, kinda wierd tho, but walkin, and all of a sudden he gets hit in the head with a block, with a lego type of block, and it wasnt big, one of the kids just musta through it at him, and he drops like a fuckin rock, and i never seen him walk ever again through out elementry school.
but i started to laugh..cause he was walkin..then BOOM he hits the ground over a lego.... i felt bad after wards....for laughing at him, poor kid
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