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Where intelligent thought started and ended.

The fact of the matter is that the ancients could figure out most of what we know from science and technology using proper deduction. They already knew that the highest power is the very structure of the universe, something which is both physical (matter) and metaphysical (energy.)

They concluded millenia ago that we don't need evidence to back up our conclusions, only to lead us to them. Evidence can verify something, but a trained mind can figure anything out given that it thinks properly. At worst their theories were building towards better ones. Its like you look at atomic structure and the ancients figured out that it formed various shapes at an infinitesimal scale. They hadn't totally figured out atomic bonds and structure but they were pretty close. It worked, it made sense. Some things were cubes, some things had a ton of sides. The cubes hold together better. That's a strong nuclear bond. The many sided shapes slide around. That's a weak nuclear bond.

We've somehow abandoned the ancient philosophy for religions while simultaneously improved our evidence gathering.

Stoicism is like Buddhism, only for realists.
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