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Default O'Connor, Custer & David were there

Originally Posted by iniquity View Post

.. Easy enough .. Who do you think killed JFK & RFK & why? ..
Anyone care to account for the following testimony from three young [at the time] men who were there:



Dennis David describes observing the arrival at Bethesda Naval Hospital
of the navy ambulance carrying Jackie Kennedy with the official casket
purportedly carrying the presidents body -- some time after he had
supervised the unloading of a shipping casket that he'd been told contained
the body of the president.

Autopsy technician Paul O'Connor helped remove the president's body --
he recalls that it was in a body bag -- from a shipping casket; this contrasts
with the placement of the president's body in an ornate casket in Dallas,
after wrapping only in sheets and towels.

X-ray technician Jerrol Custer recalls seeing Mrs. Kennedy enter the Naval
Hospital, having just arrived with her husband's body -- yet Custer was on his
way to the darkroom to develop X-ray plates already taken of the
president's corpse.

O'connor and Custer testimony also in "Best Evidence" by David Lifton
I don't recall if D.David testimony is in that book.

Question: When the Dallas casket was being wheeled out of the Dallas hospital,
how many people had first hand knowledge of what [if anything] was in that casket ?
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