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Mortal Kombat Theme

i imagine a new Mortal Kombat game with my character, Skorpion (he's orange)

anyway to play the game you dont use a controller, you use a musical instrument and instead of controlling the characters moves, you control his rhythms with different musical elements.. (it's more complicated, but i imagine advanced civilisations being able to play this with relative ease)

imagine a big Arcade arena in Japan where 2 players go head-to-head and each of them take turns during battle like Attack - Defense and you have to build up and down and create riffs/drum-breaks to reverse the Attack - Defense cycle.. This could be watched on big screens around the world.. Keyboards, Beatboxers, DJs and Guitar players alike!!! CHEA MAYNE!!!-
(And just remember... Rane Serato scratch can already control mp3 files on your pc via a hardware interface that hooks up to Vinyl 12" turntables... The technology is already there, we just havent been using it right...)

now i imagine a big multiplayer battle kinda like an orchestra where 4 players (two-a-side) go head-to-head all controlling and adding different elements within the pre-existing Ambient sounding back Beat

Now.. you pick your character knowing he has different characteristics like Elements and each player on your team controls one with their musical weapon of choice! BO!

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