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Originally Posted by wadedigital36 View Post
i dont believe DJ premier is bored or boring and he still makes bangers.
WelL DJ Premier is an individual just like RZA is, DJ PREM sticks to his style thatmade him big in the first place, RZA is a different person. And Ok I cant read RZA mind but I have definetly read in various interviews that he trys not to make the same beats as he used to cos he wants to inNovate and everyone of his studeNts makes the TYP OF beats he made before, so if he makes the same beats hes just gona sound like them. But i AGREE WITH YOU I WOULD JUST LIKE TO HEAR RZA MAKE THOSE SICK BANGIN BEATS WHAT HES ALWAYS MADE IT WOULDNT BE BORING TO ME,SINCE HE CREATED THE STYLE HE SHOULD BE ABLE TO COME WITH SOMETHIN NOBODY ESLE CAN EVEN IF THEY IMITATE.Peace P.S THE REASON WHY MY WORDS ARE IN CAPS IS COS I PRESSED A BUTTON BY ACCIDENT, DONT KNOW WHICH ONE THATS MADE MY WRITN CAP ....AND ITS NOT THE CAPS LOCK KEY!!..GRRRR WTF !!
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