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yeah bronze has been on ice since his debut.

produced half of think differently
did half of the wisemen album
did like 7 joints for almighty
produced pretty much all of 60 secs album
did half of another wisemen album

not to mentioned the various beats he's contributed to killa bee albums. oh yeah, he's definitely been on ice. if by "ice" you mean "fire".

i fully recognize that bronze took Rza's style and ran with it. so have all the other "wu-element" producers. 4th, true, math, ringz, bronze, kev7...all these guys have done nothing but build on the foundation Rza layed down.

family guy is total rip off of the simpsons. this didnt stop family guy from becoming one of the best primetime shows out there and it didnt stop fox from putting it back on the air after the show had been cancelled for 3 years due to popular demand.

but how is that relevent to this discussion? no one is asking who the originator of the "wu sound" is. the question is "who's making better beats RIGHT NOW??". at the moment, a bronze beat has my head nodding more than a Rza beat.

does bronze have classics on the level of 36 chambers, cuban linx, or liquid swords???....NO! but tell me the last time Rza fully produced a critically acclaimed album? does he score films?...NO! neither does DJ muggs, or premo, or kanye, or any other producer who is currently making beats that would put any of Rza's current work to shame.

all time, Rza is NUMERO UNO! but at the current time, there are a lot of beatmakers putting out better shit than the gawd, including bronze nazareth.
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