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Originally Posted by angry! View Post
bronze has NEVER fully produced a critically acclaimed album...

fuck outta here...

RZA body of work speaks for itself, he doesnt have to make a beat everyday...

do you compare all time greats in their last year of play to a rookie talent?!?!!?!?!?...............

the thread is CLEARLY about "who's making better beats right now" i repeat


all this stuff about overall body of work is irrelevent to this question. we ARE NOT making an "all time" comparison. if we were, everyone would agree that the threadstarter was retarded full stop for even comparing these two.

what has Rza put out that can fuck with the great migration, the wisemen albums, or remarkable timing in the last 5 years? nothing. thats what this thread is about.

if you want to make a thread about who's overall body of work is better out of these two go ahead. i'll be in that thread asking you why you are wasting bandwidth for a thread making such a comparison.
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