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I do think Rza is at another level a spiritual level he is far better than Bronze. Bronze's job is decent but can't fuck with incredible Rza shit. Rza is a pionneer, Bronze can't create his own shit he is a fucking imitator. He is a Rza's clone like Kanye, Just Blaze and so many dudes in the game. The Rza can't make the same shit again and again, I understand him it's boring. Bronze beat are fucking boring ! Some of them are really dope but most of them are boring. Rza is from another dimension ! he is a fucking alien so he is deeply misunderstood by those who meet him and that are not high. He is a hip hop adventurer who wants to disover new areas in the music universe, he needs new challenges. Rza wants to work with the dudes who can learn him something he doesn't know ! Dudes like John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, George Drakoulias.
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