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Originally Posted by MosHigh View Post
downgrade you slaves to the rhythm your enraged
i mastered my High now your fallen from grace into the maze
into the craze of J.ust T.alkin S.hit you know, wouldn't pop spearamint
Corky Ramano fake paesano sing a song like a soprano
horizontal to ya adominal
my zapato will escort you out the chamber do'
my flow make eskimoes catch a cold or the flu
in their igloo i'm so ill all i do is ha-chu
spin Drunk Monks until they spew hurl chunks of beef stew
then make em eat em all up with a quick two piece i threw
cobra clutch when i strut ready to attack such and such
i'm too much the Most of whatever you got in ya bunch
twigs i don't crunch when sneakin' up on warriors i touch
ninja scroll tucked Naruto when i let go your struck
my chakra's out of control out of this globe you can't clutch
light i strobe causin' epilepsy in foes seduct like the aeon flux
i'm just sayin' the awaken get taken on ride to somewhere vacant
shadows of the mind i recline after i leave ya unaware that i'm there waitin'...

here he comes his arrival they all await no pardon or bargain from the
sharpest bloodiest blade
it's war therefore the silence starts when the darts penetrate your face
see it's faces of death for Mos fakes stakes is high for you snake
slithering on battlegrounds to be rattled with rounds
Like London bridges he's falling down then i nuetrilize his sound
shells drop throughout his town know he's hell bound
fuck it i'll let him survive a cat with 8 more lives
if these were biblical times he'd be one of King solomon's wives
I'm the shit your just the lord of the flies
i see the fear in your eyes words that's spoken wise
So duck down yeah take krs-one's advice
Before my sword get in your scalp like head lice
or feel the magnum force like Sean Price
I'm the knight that'll make you a sacrifice tonight
On the altar you kneel in my presence your the servant type
A new jack in my city soon to be Wesley sniped
whoever wants to place bets money best be right
I'll never unleash the leash your my dog 4 life

no respect...blow down ya dojo and leave the block a wreck
been away but now today my glow will out shogun a vet
when i drop bitches get wet i storm shadows a GI threat
speak circles around street scholars and any professors i've met
Mos wit the toast ready to roast whoever boast
pop ya physical the residual will remain a ghost
blade will shave those who stalk the twilight thrist what i write
slice ya windpipe with an ancient metal feuds it will settle tonight
blood spilled in lab now the bloodsuckers run among us
cross the wrong the path and get stomped to a fraction of their mass
i be j.ust t.ossin' s.pears at these disney mouseketeers
spark the la and get darkman unleash guises hidden for years
while the crowd give their cheers i stop fake talk by knocking out veneers
steer beef like cattle High ground ready to battle anyone who sneers...
"Fuck fame... I'll shoot a hole in a 50 cent piece to test my aim." - Masta Killah (One Blood)

"Kiss the pyramid...experiment wit high explosives. I slap box wit Jesus....lick shots at Joseph." - GFK (Daytona 500)
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