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Default The Wheelie Bin Massacre

Welcome to the dimension of Wheelie Bins

Unsuitable invention, pay attention as i mention
the wheelie bin dimension
man is no longer in control, his soul owned by bins
getting what he deserves, paying for his sins
intelligence of a sorceress, spitting fire phospherus
casting verbal fireballs, commands called to tire all
Human, dark cloud looming, painful death looming
you smell the stench of garbage
maggots digest a tuna sandwich
The fear is here
Pick pocket roaming, but with no Dexterity
Advanced Rhythm production, great complexity
Nobody can find Jack and Jill
Maybe they're trapped on one of Warclouds hills
If you can't decypher the lyrics
then how can you be a critic
But i know you blow below, or so i've been informed
be prepared, as Wu Tang said, Ya'll Been Warned
(one of my first rhymes ever back in '01)
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