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Sham-iLL drunken mastaSham-iLL drunken masta

Originally Posted by fatboybrandon View Post

Good stuff ain't it? That video recording originated from my blog then Phila Flava who also posted the download link for me, then more blogs took ahold of it. it's one video from my collection I didn't put a watermark on though.

The word spreads fast:

I see you've started to establish your own identity for content posting online, here is an app where you can put your own watermark on your video content (both Mac & Windows compatible):

There is definitely a business in posting links and content online today, if you'd like to learn more don't hesitate to PM me.
good looks but because it's not my material im not gonna watermark it. i'ma consider this when i put up my own stuff up. thanks

EDIT: i've added the link to your blog on the download link in the youtube page
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