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Originally Posted by Charles Barry View Post
Urban, what is the ultimate goal that you hope to accomplish?
That's a really tough question to answer Charles, but I'll do my best.

Honestly, my aim is to first get rid of all distractions in my life. Rather, the effect that thest distractions have over me and see what it's like to truly be focused on whatever I choose, whenever I choose and for how long I choose. No mental inhibitions whatsoever. Really, to get a broader perspective of creation itself. I see and feel the calm and serenity in nature all around me and I want to know what it's like to also be so focused and serene. The way you see a statue of a Buddha in meditation for example or the way you see a tree calmly embracing the wind. There's a book I'm reading called, "The Master Mind: The Key To Mental Power, Development and Efficiancy" and it's really opened a lot of doors of understanding for me as far as the way we let outside influenced intrude on our better judgment. Most of the time, we react out of feeling, prejudice or what could be called, "peer pressure" from years and years of conditioning. Because of this, many of our reactions are based solely on everything other than ourselves. Wether we want to admit this or not, it's true.

My goal for now then, is to find that, "Something" that mine and no one else's and let that control my every move, thought and action. Clarity, in a word, would be my main goal for now.
"Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)
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