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Default Re: Different Views.

I don't think that slavery can become the deciding factor in this situation because the people that move here from Africa are aware of racial discrepancies before they come here.

What I'm really trying to piece together is that it's no longer slavery that is the issue here. It's acceptance and the importance of self worth. We all already know that it's been a really long struggle for the blacks in America to get ahead but we see it happening before us and that can only foreshadow what to expect in the future. Those that are settling here from Africa haven't lived in the same situation as those who have descended here for generations. I personally feel that those comings from Africa are accepted the same as any other immigrant from any other country (Which racism is a world thing in America so that isn't saying much.). They have a different culture and a different set of views that even differs to an extent from the blacks who have been living here in America. Can't this be the start of a realization that blacks have been stereotype in America for their brutality as a direct result of slavery and segregation. Whites can't be blamed fully but they were the immediate cause. Here we had a culture that was living in the land of the free without freedom and then without acceptance. They had to lose pieces of their heritage whiles trying to maintain it all the same. The black culture today is already (being that only 12% of the population is black) taken over and were seeing more point of views and more history and curiosity from the young white generation. Those that are coming here from Africa are coming for a better life just like anyone else that has migrated to America. Most of those that come from Africa are educated or dedicated workers seeking further advancement here, they have strong goals and hope. I think they feel different from blacks already living here because this is understood from the white population and whites are intrigued by those who walk a different life. Today though it's a different story because the children of blacks have better means to attain and achieve the same goals that whites are which creates a whole new set of boundaries that whites can't deny which ends up ruling out racial stereotypes in general.
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