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Originally Posted by SUNNY WINTERS View Post
who will not connect to build for themselves their own nation - they wanna blame black women for their condition - they still blaming white men for their condition but still claiming to be God - SHUT THE FUCK UP - you ain't doing shit but entertaining each other with the teachings - trying to sound and look "intelligent"

You will not win in this Nation - that is fact - nothing you do will go toward perfecting self on a real level - all of your man power is for them

a billion of these WILL NOT SAVE YOU - all you sell outs who will not pull resources together and network with like minds will begin to get called out and picked off - mark my words -

eye would rephrase that personally

the black man is God

alot of "african american" men are punks

and om kinda SUSPECT of King Noble personally

1)he is asking for!!??!?

2)and also he got videos of black women
shaking their ass on film like prositututes
on his fuckin youtube page and he seems
to have no problem with it...

yeah...."african americans" seem to be afflicted
with the sickness called "naked body addicts"

for "King" Noble to be posting such videos
makes me wonder about him....

naw.....the black man is God....

just because you are african american
or even dark skinned doesn't mean
you are a BLACK MAN

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