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Oh how I long to see your physical form
When you left me a part of my soul got torn
How could a body turn cold that was once so warm
How could the spark of ALLAh in your heart be gone
who could replace the space of Unique Ason
I know you rather I be strong and not wast time to mourn
They say that life goes on
Especially when I see the face of your first born
When he's rockin on stage with no shirt on
Or in the hotel lobby gettin those birds on
Through our seeds we can all reach eternity
Peace and blessings have a safe jouney
I have dreams of us laughing drinking beers
Chasing girls, fill the world with our ideas
Then I wake up and look up and your not there
But in my third eye I know your still here
Because through our seeds we all reach eternity
Peace and blessing its just another journey

Against all odds and against all squads
And against all evil trying to come against GOD
Stand with the iron rod you kneel the (zod?)
We use softness to conquer the hard
Im Divine Prince Master Rakeem ALLAH
Earth bound but my minds in the stars
Things are reborn, life always change form
Men must reform to make the heart calm
Drunkinness leads to non-awakeness
Causing Ham to look upon his fathers nakedness
When the truth is heard there's no forsakeing it
That which is forbidden we dont partake in it

Badass song with powerful verses
Impermanence on this plane of reality/where criminality, brutality freely dwell/ Truth is a casualty in this hell/ Karma reins with divine causality, then its swell--StrangeLoveSurreal

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