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Default Re: LAST DRINK (after this drink we have become sworn enemies )

Originally Posted by RockD
iight piss shit i admit i'm not goin for platinm placs, but i'll bet yo as wit my college degree i'll have made mo money than yo bum ass will ever make and then when i come back to this site and tlk about my 70k career compared to yo $20 a yr have sold 1 cd "MR.MC" comin str8 outta queens your opinion will still mean shit.

we can keepat this all day
but still dont change the fact that u sub mar not even okay
now sing osay can u see me on a battle
top a mc dont let this netc yo cage rattle
but never scared to wordplay so when eva u ready
lets duel on the battle field
and c wat yo words yeild
or will RockD conjure up another netc kill
from ya use of ebonics hate to break it to ya but a GED isn't a degree
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