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Originally Posted by noel411 View Post
Thanks for your insightful, constructive and most of all wholly necessary input. I will never pass an opinion on anything musical again now that I've been so firmly put in my place.

Cthulu, I'm not really into Black Sabbath so I don't know a whole lot about them. I really should have phrased the poll question differently though. I pretty much just wanted to see what people's preference between the two bands was but didn't want to make it some lame "who is better than who?" shit.
Gotcha. I like the first six Sabbath albums, but I've never combed too deep into Zep's discog (aside from the first four) and I'm not really a Deep Purple fan at all. I know you meant to word it differently, I just object to calling them the two most influential "metal" bands when "metal" didn't quite exist yet and their influence on that genre pales in comparison to Sabbath. I think it would make more sense to rephrase it as "hard rock."

Anyway, my knowledge of 70s rock is pretty pitiful anyway. Most of the rock and metal I listen to is from the 80s and 90s since I'm big on the extreme metal, crust punk, noise rock, and experimental rock end of things.
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