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Default ffffff

well...if "king"(notice the parenthesis)
is about entertainment then why the fuck
is he asking for donations and trying to present
himself as some kind of fuckin Guru

like eye said....eye wonder if sunny
would feel the same if it was HIS daughter
on "king" nobles channel acting like a God damned

not that that behavior is nessesarily savage
but when its put on youtube it becomes savage

when its done for sum man thats not gonna
build a solar system with her...then it becomes

om eagerly awaiting his response

naked body addiction as coined by KRS ONE
is a serious fuckin problem.....its just as
bad as substance abuse problems or
violence problems

thats why "KING" is in parenthesis

owl bet you "king" noble is a womanizer too
but eye can't prove that

eye could be wrong about that

om just getting fed up with these
dudes trying to put sugar on shit
and call it nation building
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