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Originally Posted by Louis Cypher View Post
alright but stay out of Denmark that shits mine

do you have any ideas to fix whats going on
I didn't do my senior product on the Obama Administration's Stimulus package if that's what you're asking...

Essentially we've got a lot of shit on our plate. We've got a declining role in the world, a lot of political indecision, an ever weakening economy, and an inversed pyramid of wealth. The system is top heavy. The middle class is turning into a lower class while other nations are turning their lower classes into middle classes. America has to collapse if it's going to recover. We've got to have some Eustress. Right now it's distressful. We're dragging this out with no end in sight. We can decline slowly or we can collapse and then spare no time in rebuilding. Look at Russia. The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Twenty years later they're in the black with BRIC baller status. Give them a few decades and they'll be back on their feet.

So my solution for the United States is dissolution and a federal bankruptcy. There are enough people in the United States to form a large number of smaller countries. We can remain allies and together we'd still be the largest power in the world, but right now it's being run into the ground.
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