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Default ffffffff

"i'm just getting hip to noble's wave, i have only watched maybe 20 or so vids. link me to the vid you are referring to."

umm....he puts out like 100 videos errrrrr day
and eye don't have enough time to find it

before eye even saw that video in question
eye was suspect of "king" noble

then eye sawdededed and eye was like...yup

"but yeah man ass shaking is cool. our women been shaking ass for 1000s of years. in many parts of the world our women are topless.

ass shaking and titties out is a beautiful thing.

tell me i'm wrong."

yeah....its a beautiful thing when its
in a private setting beetween a woman
and a man who is going to set up
a solar system with her.....a heavenly
solar chicks on the side

no hell

when its on youtube it turns into debauchery

the bottom line question is....

"what if that was YOUR daughter"

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