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"if any of my daughters were to be on some shit like that, i'd have to start beatin the shit out of these self righteous,so called knowledge of self niggas for not doing their job in building a nation where our women and daughters don't have to shake ass to feed their babies -

i would start the fuckin floggin on those who call them self god but do nothing but complain about the ones who are actually picking up bricks and mortar to begin the building -" theoretically you would put
your foot up in king nobles punk ass
for having your theoretical daughter
on youtube acting the savage....

good to know

"i'm sure there are activities that you partake in that'll make another man shake his head at you too"

eye seriously doubt it

"now we got 2 niggas who consider themselves god but are doing nothing of serious substance to build a nation where our women and children feel and are safe secure"

who dat?

"people use righteousness to look righteous and sell books but when you greet them in the streets they pull their fuckin purse closer to their rib cage - nation building isn't paid entertainment - King Noble was able to hold my attention for hours at a time - i can spend a half of day listening to what he is saying - no one holds my attention like that - he is on some new shit - and i would know - "

its nice that he's entertaining and can hold your
attention....but its just the way he's presenting himself
that turns eye shelf off.....cee...sunny eye wasn't
planning on throwing you under the born universal savior
no matter how you replied to mah question because
as you know om a fan of the villianous God....

the Gods in prison...the Gods who do stick ups
even Gods who got 9 girlfriends

but om just saying...."king" noble is presenting
himself as some kind of fuckin Guru

if he would just admit he's on sum villianous shit
eye wouldn't even be talking about him

"i feel for those who cannot pick up his frequency and gain the shocks that'll propel us to be real men and real gods - not just people who like to make themselves look and feel better about themselves by using those titles in front of others"

naw....people need to be honest

if you's a fuckin Guru act like one

if you's asking for DONATIONS don't
be on sum pimp shit

"niggas is pussy - and the fact that we dismiss other men for petty ass bitch reasons proves my point - we all suspect until we get ourselves out of this situation "

okay well lets back just said if that
was your daughter you would be putting your
foot up in someones ass.....and that someone
would be "king" noble....theoretically

eye think eye would be more of a pussy
not saying shit about sum Pimp
masquerading as a fuckin Guru

if "king" noble wanna be on sum pimpology shit

eye have no problem with that

just stop asking for donations

why should people give their money to a pimp?

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