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When you hear me say this rhyme you know i speak nothing but the truth
about Joyce and Bobby raping all of brechins youth
the story starts when i woke up one morn
I began to walk along when i noticed Joyce and Bobby begin to perform
black magic which caused them to turn into a school like a Decepticon
It wasnt long before the local children began to enter the building
one started to scream so they shot and they killed him
me and the clan then prepared to fight
to stop these motherfuckers like a traffic light
turned red
three shots to the head and bobby dropped dead
took out the ScharrKnall Hammer to dispose of the evil
and like a drug fiend i implanted in his head a thousand needles
then whispered in his ear 'Watch out
Cus like Beadle i'm always about' - FRANK 2o01
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