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Default Re: Does Geometry prove a God's Existence?


this is a good "rational" type of argument for a god's existence.. ( i only entertain rational arguments)

but anyway, this argument is indeed flawed!

it is flawed because basically, the natural laws that we have within our universe are laws of a fixed logic (by fixed logic, i mean that as humans our worldview is always based upon assigning values to things)

that fixed logic being one that was "created" or "deduced from nature" by sentient beings.. those sentient beings of course being us.
Triangles and all of the principles of "triangular-ness" only exist because we are here to think them up and assign a value to them. (this goes for most of logic in addition). Our rules of logic (which of course is always tied into mathematics on a fundamental level) only exists because we exist.

mathematics is a human construct, therefore, to use his example, a right angle is DEFINED as 90 degrees. Mathematics is a language with which we can describe the Universe we live in. The triangle describes a set of similar objects, which we define to obey a certain set of rules. Thus, a right-angled triangle is defined to be an object which has three sides, obeys Pythagoras's Theorem and whose angles add up to 180 degrees. Thus, the argument fails.

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