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Default Re: anybody up for mcdonalds

People I will soon be a college Freshman and I have currently been working at McDonalds almost 2 years part-time now and me and alot of my co-workers are really getting tired of the slop McDonalds serves, even some of us have been getting sick from it and when a go out and ball with the peeps my endurance is really low, but I haven't been eatin much of it for a week or so now and I now feel like my old fit self, you all really need to think about what this food can do to you no matter how young you are, a good example is the movie called "Super Size Me" the guy almost died from eating that pig slop for 30 days, the advertisments say 100% beef but it is definitly not 100% beef, it's like it's artificial, and everything taste so artificial. think about your health. It's not worth it.
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