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knewmucus drunken mastaknewmucus drunken masta
Default fffffffff


"but as you can see, i'm on some banana cake shit right now"

hahahahaha....whut da fuck is
"bannanna cake shit"?????

"when i'm at a higher stage, the site of cake makes me shiver"

do tell.....

"self righteousness is no joke"

thats true...and you know knowcheeze
is the LAST person to be on sum
self righteous just saying

what eye want for mah daughter
is what eye want for everyones
daughter and every woman on the planet

so eye think eye would be more of a PUSSY
not saying anything about someone
who does things to other peoples daughter
that he wouldn't want for his OWN DAUGHTER

especially when this dude is asking
for motherfuckin DONATIONS

like eye a big fan of the villanious
God....and om defineatly viewed as a villian

yeah....if you was gonna send donations
to "king" noble....instead send them to
Knowcheeze because knowcheeze
is gonna keep it real and not play the role
of sum holy man and the money won't
be used to run pimp games on women

the one thing eye am NOT is a womanizer

eye stayed celibate for many many years

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